Persis Balsara-Wetzel Mind Essence Hypnotherapy

I just wanted to say that Persis, you are one gifted hypnotherapist! Your voice is so smooth, so calming and just magical.

In just one session I already feel so much better and it was such a gentle shift. Exactly what I was looking for.

If anyone who is looking for hypnotherapy, I highly recommend Persis.

You will be so glad you did! Thanks Persis for such a wonderful experience.



Persis Balsara-Wetzel Mind Essence Hypnotherapy

Wonderful. I believe that is the best word for it.  This is how I felt during and after a hypnotherapy session with you Persis.

Thank you for that! You are a wonderful hypnotherapist Persis.

Joris M.

Thank You

Persis Balsara-Wetzel Mind Essence Hypnotherapy

I just want to say thank you Persis.  At the end of last year I went to Persis for Virtual Gastric Band. I have now lost 13 kgs, wow it has blown me away.  I had tried lots of things to lose the weight but it didn’t work.

Not only has she helped me to lose the weight, I feel better about myself. Persis is a very lovely lady as well.  If you are trying to lose weight please give her a call it really does work.