The Simpson Protocol

Simpson Protocol Certified Practitioner

The Simpson Protocol is a tool that allows the client’s conscious mind to relax and step aside so that their superconscious can work freely and completely

Benefits of The Simpson Protocol

The art and science of Hypnotherapy is a lifetime journey and the ability to learn, discover and incorporate different hypnotherapy techniques enables me to provide personalised sessions to best meet my client’s needs.

The Simpson Protocol is a powerful technique and it offers a complete holistic approach to hypnosis. The benefits of doing The Simpson Protocol is that it takes the hypnotists judgement completely out of the process, so that the clients “higher mind” (Superconscious mind) is free to produce the best and optimum outcomes for the client.

Best of all, I as the practitioner, does not need to know what the issue is if that is what the client wishes.

What is the Superconscious mind?

You may have heard of the conscious mind and the subconscious mind but almost never the Superconscious mind. It is the most powerful part of the mind that knows everything or can find out anything. It mediates between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

The Key to the Simpson Protocol

The Key to the Simpson Protocol is to be able to communicate with the client as they are in a deep state of hypnosis – thus accessing the most powerful parts of their mind and always working for the clients ultimate good.

  1. Clients do their own inner work – with the direction of the hypnotist.

  2. There is no need for the client to tell you the issue – the clients mind knows the issue to be addressed, hence complete privacy can be maintained, and the hypnotist’s conscious mind and judgement are out of the equation.

  3. The clients own Superconscious mind, directs where and what will be worked on, and does the work internally and privately when needed, hence making it a major benefit for those clients who do not wish to expose their problem.

There is no need for the Client to tell you the issue. Their mind knows the issue – and that is enough to create the change.

The Simpson Protocol is used for any issues that the client comes in with. It could be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

There is no need for the Client to tell you the issue. Their mind knows the issue – and that is enough for the Simpson Protocol

What is the Simpson Protocol for?

The Simpson Protocol is used for extensive issues, and can be used for: –

  • Simpson Protocol Health and Weight Reduction

    Using Simpson Protocol for weight reduction allows a complete holistic approach maximizing the client’s desire and outcome for their optimum body set weight, and will allow the client to maintain it comfortably and easily.

    The program also combines with Pro-Active Health for optimum health outcomes, using Simpson Protocol for complete approach to weight and health management.

    No guessing or trial and error for the hypnotist or client – everything is created by the higher mind. Weight and health are managed in the most optimum way.

    Weight levels kept easily and simply with no diets or stress.

    The Simpson Protocol is also the perfect alternative to the virtual gastric band or (post/pre surgery) fast effective healing.
  • Surrogate Hypnosis

    Surrogate Hypnosis is an indirect form of therapy. When applying this form of hypnosis, the hypnotist doesn’t work directly with the person having the problem, but with a surrogate. This can be a person or animal. Dogs, horses and even cats seem most amenable.

    In the case of a small child or baby the surrogate can be the mother.

    When applying surrogate hypnosis by way of Simpson Protocol you are connecting the surrogate’s Higher mind and the Higher mind of the person having the problem ie the client.
  • Spiritual Protocol

    Allowing the clients mind to reach a “Higher Level” where they can touch the “Divine” using the format of Chakras, as a step ladder to guide the energy from the base to the Divine.

    The words “Divine” are merely code words to describe the beyond words. Code-ing is a successful way to convey the conscious and super conscious to a transcendent spiritual path.